Corning Market St

Corning Market St

The transformation of Downtown Corning's Market Street into a retail, service, and dining center over the past four decades has been fueled by a healthy business environment, which includes stunning historic architecture, sights, nightlife, shopping, a full schedule of events, and a vibrant cultural and arts scene. Across the river, Corning's Northside is undergoing a similar revitalization, where an infusion of capital, redevelopment, and a rethinking of the role of the neighborhood in our urban development, has helped transform the area. These neighborhoods have always had a special, symbiotic relationship since they were first connected by the Bridge Street and Centerway bridges. Today, in the 21st century, Market Street and the Northside have become dynamic business districts, creative incubators, and great places to live.

To celebrate this shared renaissance, Corning's Gaffer District and the City of Corning have joined together to concentrate on the identities of each individual area and encourage business owners, local residents, and consumers to have a hand in defining their character and improvements. Seventry-eight years after the first car crossed over the Bridge Street Bridge, Market Street and the Northside are more connected than ever before. We invite you to explore all of downtown Corning and allow us to demonstrate how these neighborhoods are together rebranding and redefining Corning's Gaffer District, and the nation's downtowns.


12 June 2019


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