Gillespie Point

Gillespie Point

Gillespie Point  PA

Gillespie Point is an anomaly within the Allegheny Plateau section of northern Pennsylvania. Its unusual shape, compared to the long, flat ridges that characterize northern Pennsylvania, makes it stand out in the skyline while in the vicinity of the peak. Gillespie Point is shaped almost as a real mountain peak, especially when viewed from the south, because of the triangular shape it holds. Even on a topographic map this point looks like an oddity when examined with the surrounding broad, flat-topped hillsides in the region. Gillespie forms a broad base to the mountain and then narrows toward the top of the point, coming to an almost perfect peak structure that one would see in Colorado. The mountain has even been nicknamed the “Matterhorn of Pennsylvania" (or the Matterhorn of the Alleghenies). Its elevation is comparable to surrounding mountaintops of Pennsylvania, but is considerably low when measured up to any famous mountain peaks of the eastern United States. However, it does have a mountaintop-like summit, due to the bare and exposed rock on top that gives view to the Pine Creek Gorge, the village of Blackwell, the Babb Creek valley, and the neighboring plateau mountains. In fact, one can view the lowest point of Tioga County, (the county in which Gillespie point resides) where Pine Creek flows into Lycoming County and the highest point in Tioga County, Cedar Mountain, to the northwest and across the Pine Creek Gorge.

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30 November 2018


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