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Hills Creek State Park is a 407-acre (165 ha) Pennsylvania state park in Charleston Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Hills Creek Lake, a 137-acre (55 ha) man-made lake, is the focal point of the park. It is open for year-round recreation. Hills Creek State Park is in the Allegheny Plateau region of Pennsylvania, just north of U.S. Route 6 near the boroughs of Wellsboro and Mansfield.

Hills Creek Lake is a 137-acre (55 ha) impoundment lake. An earthen dam was built by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania across Hills Creek in the early 1950s. The dam is 34 feet (10 m) high, and 422 feet (129 m) long.

Before the dam was built much of the area that is now under water was flooded by beaver dams. Beavers are still abundant in Hills Creek State Park.

Hills Creek Lake is classified as a warm water fishery. The waters are the home to many species of fish, including walleye, yellow perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and muskellunge. The lake is one of the stops on the Bass Masters tour. Anglers on the tour have reeled in some largemouth bass that weighed in at over eight pounds.[2]

Ice fishing takes place on Hills Creek Lake during the winter months. Ice fishermen have brought in mostly yellow perch and bluegill as well as the occasional walleye.

Swim at your own risk in Hills Creek Lake. A sandy beach is open from around Memorial Day until just after Labor Day. A bathhouse and snack bar are also open for the public during the summer months. There are no lifeguards at the beach and swimmers are encouraged to use safe practices at all times.

Gas powered motors are prohibited on Hills Creek Lake. Motorized boats must be powered by electric motors only. Sailboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats are permitted on the waters of the lake. All boats must be properly registered with the state.

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